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Pearl International have a core business activity of Manufacturing of Refractory Product in association with parent company. We provide complete refractory solution.
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Bauxite ore is used as industrial mineral. Bauxite is primarily comprised of Aluminum Oxide Compound, Silica, Iron oxide, titanium dioxide. About 70% of Bauxite mined is to produce alumina which is used to create aluminium metal and 30% of Bauxite is processed to make its other uses in Chemical industry, refractory, cement, abrasive, steel industry etc.
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Refractory Products are widely used in Lining of Boilers, Furnace, Kilns, Fireplaces. Our Products are demanded by different types of Industries such as Iron Steel Plant, Cement Plant, Chemicals industries, Petrochemical Industries, Pharma Industries, Power Plant, Metallurgy Paper Mill for good heat resistance against high temperature.
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Insulation Products are Insulation brick, Ceramic FIber Blanket, Board, Paper Rope, Calcium Silicate Board Pipe are used in different type of industries. Insulation Products are providing higher energy efficiency by minimizing heat loss. Insulation product are used to insulate high temperature Pipe, equipment for fire endurance application.
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Monolithic refractories are commonly known as unshaped refractory products. It is a heat resistance binding material which are used in binding Refractory brick lining of boilers, furnaces, kilns fire places. Major classification of Monolithic refractories includes refractory castable refractory mortar.
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